If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!

September 2, 2014


Team Cobblor – A combination of our two names.

Hello loved ones!

Last Monday, there was a huge multi-zone softball tournament. Half of the mission was there, and it was SO fun! Being a missionary means having hundreds of instant best friends. Guess what! Our zone won the softball tournament! Whoo-hoo Zone 8! We kept winning and winning our games until we got to the finals. We were getting pretty prideful during the last inning, and almost lost it all. We humbled ourselves though, and pulled through in the end! We went through the entire pride cycle in the space on ten minutes. It was hilarious.
Zone 8 Softball Champions!

On Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! Last transfer, I stayed in our area with Sister Jarman. It was only my third week in the area, and I had to lead it while Sister Taylor was gone! Talk about a stressful experience. That also happened to be the day I fell through the stairs. Good fun. Anyways, Sister Jarman and I stayed in Sparta again! I might be reading too much into this, but I think the Lord is planning on keeping me in Sparta for a while. There is a ton of work to do here, and it’s exciting!

Last week, Sister Taylor and I were waiting outside on Spring Street for an investigator to show up for our appointment. The investigator never came, but this man approached us and started asking about our missionary work. He was slightly crazy, but we had a really fun conversation about the gospel. He told us about this Christian cafe down the street, and wanted to bring us there and introduce us to his friends. Sister Taylor was kind of creeped out by him, but I thought it would be fun, so we went! When we got to the cafe, he yells to the whole room, “Hey everyone! I want you to meet my new friends, Sister Taylor and Sister Cobb! They are spreading the good word!” It was AWESOME! We ended up contacting 12 people, teaching 3 lessons, and picking up 4 new investigators. It was amazing! Definitely the weirdest experience, though. I loved it. New Jersey is a great kind of crazy. On Thursday, we went to one of the new investigator’s apartments to teach them all a lesson! There were 5 people there, and we taught them about the Restoration! The Spirit taught that lesson, and it was wonderful. They were all really interested and are reading the Book of Mormon this week!

Apparently, tons of missionaries are feeling super stressed out right now, and everyone is emotionally exploding. I had no idea! Don’t get me wrong, it definitely gets stressful at times, but Heavenly Father is always there to pull us through. No matter how disappointing or discouraged our days get, He helps us find joy in the work! I love it. We joke around and laugh all the time. I actually think I laugh more here than I ever did before my mission. To quote Dad, “I have a theory about that”. I think I’m compensating for the stress with humor. The more stressed out I get, the more we have to joke around and laugh! Missionary humor is the best, too. Instead of quoting movies, we quote scriptures. You’d be surprised by how funny the Book of Mormon is! Our zone has now mandated that everyone takes 30 minutes of “me time” every day to relax and have fun. What?! I didn’t know that missionaries were allowed to have “me time”! That would be so selfish! Besides, missionary work IS fun, so why would we need extra time to have fun? I’m honestly not sure what to do with 30 minutes of fun time… maybe I’ll read Jesus the Christ… you know, for a bit of light reading.
Thanks for my hat!
Transfers are in two weeks, and we are pretty sure Sister Taylor will be transferred out. They usually like to separate children (trainees) from their parents (trainers) after the 12 weeks of training. It’s so sad! We are both hoping and praying that we get to stay companions for the rest of her mission, but I don’t think that will happen. Being companions with Sister Taylor has been the greatest experience. She has become one of my best friends! I will always be grateful for her. We have tons of fun together (NJMM Motto: If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!) and we have grown so much. I love teaching with her, because she really teaches by the Spirit. As we have fasted and prayed and worked, Heavenly Father has increased our unity and love for each other. We completely trust each other, which is really important in missionary work. We literally finish each others sentences! We are going to be friends forever – that was decided a long time ago.

This might sound weird, but serving a mission is really preparing me to be a wife and a mother. I get the feeling that everything I am learning and doing right here is for my family now, as well as in the future. Heavenly Father is constantly teaching me how I am supposed to use what I am learning to bless my future family. It’s so strange. Daily, I get impressions about how I’m supposed to use what I am learning in the future! This mission is not for me at all. It’s for the people here, all of you back at home, and for my future family.

Sending tons of love and prayers your way! I love you all!


Sister Cobb


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