Plot Twist

September 14, 2014

Transfers are tomorrow! Now, one thing you need to understand is that transfers are intense. Missionaries spread transfer gossip and rumors for the entire week leading up to transfer time. It’s really exciting, fun, and shocking. Trainer calls are given on Thursday, so the entire mission texts each other, trying to figure out who’s training. Being called as a trainer is a huge deal. Instant rock star status (because the Lord is trusting you to take care of a new baby missionary – it’s a huge responsibility). Then, the other transfer calls are sent out Monday morning. Usually, we can guess who is leaving and who is staying. It’s all quite intense.
Sister Taylor and I have spent the entire week saying her goodbyes. We have visited our favorite people – ward members, investigators, potential investigators, everyone. The ward has fed us almost every night this week (and they NEVER feed us) because they knew transfers were coming up. We worked as hard as we could and taught as much as we could, giving everything we had to the Lord. We did all of this in preparation for her to leave, because we were 98% sure that she would be getting transferred. She’s been in Sparta for three transfers now, the Lord left me leading in Sparta for both of our exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, and they usually kick the trainer out of the area after the 2 training transfers are over. We told everyone that Sister Taylor was probably going to leave, and I was emotionally preparing myself to stay in Sparta without her.
This morning, the transfer text was sent out, and I am getting transferred tomorrow! WHAT? Sister Taylor had picked up the phone to check it while I was in the kitchen, and I heard her exclaim: “WHAT? NO WAY!”. It is crazy! We are in total shock! No one saw this coming! Missionaries and ward members have been texting us all morning, because no one can believe that I’m the one leaving! And you know what? I don’t want to leave!
I was really hoping to stay in Sparta for two more transfers! The work here has been exploding – the Lord has blessed us with so many people to teach! They are all really promising too, which is the exciting part. Steven and his family are going to be baptized in October, our less actives are making tons of progress, and our teaching pool has grown significantly. It’s been amazing! I love the people here so much, and I want to stay and be here for them. The next sister who serves here is one lucky duck. I wish I could fully explain what these people and this place mean to me, but I can’t. I have lived, grown, learned, loved, worked, cried, laughed, and served here. Tomorrow is going to be such a heart breaking and exciting day.
I am out of time for this week, but I’ll write a quick poem as tribute to Sparta:
Spartans are odd ducks.
But we love them, you see
When we can actually find them,
In the midst of all the trees.
That’s all I can come up with on the spot. I’ll have to keep fine tuning that.
Sister Cobb
P.S. I am secretly hoping I get sent to the hood tomorrow. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

Sister Taylor.  Trainer, June 23 – September 15, 2014.                IMG_0462


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