I’m Training!

October 27, 2014

GUESS WHAT I’M TRAINING! I know I already told you this, but I felt the need to say it again. I’M TRAINING! Ah, I can’t believe it! I’m so excited. IMG_0002Sister Dubon is training too! She’s getting transferred though, so we won’t be able to raise our babies together. So sad.

We went up to the mission home on Friday for a Trainer’s training meeting, but I don’t actually feel trained to train. They spend some time telling you about how sacred and important your calling is, give you a tiny “packet” (although it’s so small that it barely deserves to be called that), and set you free. It’s pretty amazing. We’re getting “doubled in” to Eatontown (which means that we are both new to the area… it’s pretty scary because neither of us know anything about Eatontown!  Well, actually, I know about every pharmacy, urgent care, and hospital within a 30 mile radius of Ocean… that’s about it. Usually, they don’t like to double in missionaries because it makes the work difficult. You have to start from scratch, instead of having another missionary show you everything first.) I’m looking forward to it though, because I know we’ll learn a lot. We’ll have to rely completely on the Lord, because neither of us will know anything! Also, I think it will help my trainee learn faster and feel as equally important as me. Our address is going to remain the same.
My trainee is flying to Jersey right now, and I’ll get to meet her tomorrow! I seriously cannot wait to meet her. We’re going to be best friends. On Mischief Night and Halloween, missionaries have to be in their apartments by 6 pm… I’m planning on having a Halloween party with her. We’re going to bond over pumpkin carving and caramel apples. I also already made her a “Welcome to New Jersey” Halloween package, decorated the apartment, and planned out her training study schedule for the next week. She is going to be the best missionary Jersey has ever seen (as long as I don’t mess her up). I think I might be going a little overboard with excitement.IMG_0006
This past week has been pretty crazy because Sister Houghton is dying (dying = her mission is ending tomorrow). Dying missionaries go on tons of fun trips, like visiting the Manhattan Temple and the Statue of Liberty. Sister Rogers and I got to go on an exchange to Jersey City (the city areas are the most coveted areas in the mission… I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with how sketchy and diverse it is)! It was great to be out on the streets contacting people from random countries and teaching the Jersey City investigators. SO FUN.
One of our less actives, Sister R, is AMAZING. Seriously. This woman fell as far away from the church as it is possible to fall, but is making tons of progress. She has been meeting with the sisters for months and months, but her progress really started to accelerate in the last few weeks (I’m so lucky that I got to be here for it!) She has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, and actually reads more than I do! She prays, she comes to church, she participates in all of the activities, completely quit smoking, and she LOVES who she’s becoming. The difference in her is astounding. The gospel really does change lives. She wrote down her testimony about repentance for me this week, and it is priceless to me. I love her so much.
On Sunday, Sister Houghton and I gave talks in church about our missions. It was such a wonderful Sunday. The Spirit really guided my talk (which is a GREAT because, trust me, I’m not that good on my own), and I hope it touched someone’s heart. I’m quite sad to be leaving Freehold – I love this ward! They have been so loving and kind to me. The wards in Jersey are great.
Sister Cobb,
Picture One: This is a picture of my JOY when President Taggart called me to formally extend my calling as trainer.
Picture Two: Some of my BEST friends on the mission! Sister Detrinidad (came in with me!), Sister Dubon, and Sister Mortenson (friend from BYU who also came in with me!) We are all training together! YAY!

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