Plot twist…AGAIN!

Mom’s pre-post: Dana has been in a three-some for 2 weeks waiting for transfers again. She has been living and serving with the Spanish sister missionaries. She would love love love some mail, so write her if you can! Her address is included in the ‘About’ section of the blog. The entire fall until now has been filled with what she refers to as ‘Plot Twists’ and from what this letter suggests, another twist is in the works.



January 21, 2015


PT called me on Thursday night and asked me if I would train again…here’s how the conversation went:
PT: Hello Sister Cobb! How’re you doing?
S. Cobb: I’m great PT! Thanks for sending me here! I love my companions and this area and I’m learning Spanish!
PT: That’s great Sister Cobb. I’m glad to hear that. Now, we’ve been praying about transfers, and we feel that Heavenly Father wants you to train another new missionary.
S. Cobb: (jaw dropped…shocked facial expression) …really?
PT: Really. Heavenly Father needs you to train this new missionary. Will you do it?
S. Cobb: (quickly composes self) Yes, of course President!
Then we exchanged pleasantries, he reassured me (A LOT) and then we hung up. Then I laid on the floor for a really long time, because I was scared to death! My first thought, “NO WAY. THEY’RE TRUSTING ME WITH ANOTHER MISSIONARY?! What if I kill her too?!”
My companions were laughing at me because I was so scared. So there you have it. For some reason, Heavenly Father is trusting me to train another new missionary! Back-to-back training. This is utter craziness! I am being  transferred back into Eatontown (third time’s the charm, right?). That means I will be there for 5 transfers total. (7.5 months)
Here is one over-arching lesson I have learned on my mission: how to rely on the Atonement. Before I came out on my mission, I never truly felt weak. I never felt like I wasn’t up to a certain challenge. I had a specific set of skills, talents, and gifts that Heavenly Father used to help me grow and help others. And when I didn’t quite measure up, the Lord stepped in and helped me do what needed to be done. On a mission, I have felt weak. There have been moments where I truly had nothing to give and couldn’t do anything without the Savior. In those moments, I had to rely on the Savior completely because there was nothing else I could do. I know that Jesus IS the Christ. I know that He lived and died for us. He truly is the Redeemer and the Savior of the world, and I love Him with all my heart. Without Him, we are nothing. With Him, all things are possible. I am so grateful to be here. I LOVE being a missionary. There is nothing greater 🙂
Serving in the Spanish branch has been amazing. I gave a talk in Spanish on Sunday! It was about Christ-like attributes, and it wasn’t half bad! Everyone said they could understand me, so that’s a good thing (I was praying for el don de lengua for myself and the gift of interpretation of tongues for everyone in the congregation!). I wrote it out in English and then had Sister Caetano and Sister Palmer help me translate it. Overall, it was super fun and super scary! I even told a joke in Spanish and they laughed. It made me feel pretty good about myself, ha. Other fun moments as a Spanish sister: eating cow heart (not as gross as you might think it is!), bearing my testimony in Spanish, contacting in Spanish (I walk up to people, stop them and say hi and then turn to my companions to take over :)), and mis companieras. Sister Palmer and Sister Becker are truly an answer to prayers. I know that Heavenly Father picks out our companions each transfer, and I also know that He plans for emergency transfers too! They are ANGELS! It’s amazing to see how the Lord is truly in the details. He plans things out SO far in advance and gives us the comfort we need in the way that we need. I love my Father in Heaven so much!
Well, family… I think I just rambled on, rather aimlessly… I hope that makes sense. I love you all! Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. You are in mine!
Hermana Cobb
Picture One: This is our goofball, Hermana Becker. She finishes training tomorrow, so she’s mi hijita!IMG_0471
Picture Two: These are the hermanas! Hermana Becker, Hermana Palmer, Hermana Ivie, and Hermana Caetano. IMG_0533 (2)I have been companions with every single one of them over the past two transfers! I love dees hermanas.

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