Love! Love for Everyone!

February 16, 2015
Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the packages I got this week. Sister Folmer got 2 HUGE Valentine’s Day packages that were exploding with pink and ribbons and chocolate and stuffed animals. Hermana Ivie and Hermana Philbrick got sappy lovey heart/candy packages from their parents.  I got a Valentine’s Day package from Dad: An install-your-own door and window alarm kit with pepper spray. We all laughed. A LOT. It was amazing. (Dad – I’m glad you didn’t get on a plane and fly to Jersey… it was frigid this week. You wouldn’t have enjoyed your stay at all. Also, I’m not sure what I would do with a weapon, once you’d gotten me a concealed weapon permit. It’s the thought that counts though. Overall, I think the roses and pepper spray were a good touch.)IMG_0678
I also got a cute and happy pre-Valentine’s Day package from you all! The notepad with all of our faces on it is hilarious. I showed it to everyone I could. Very scary. But also very funny. And Dad, thanks for the roses. They were BEAUTIFUL (I love flowers so much). Sister Folmer and I actually gave them away. We tied them up with pretty ribbons, made Valentine’s (using the Valentine’s hearts that Mom sent me) and went out to deliver Valentine’s to our very favorite New Jerseyites. I’ll tell you about everyone we gave them to!
Sister W…: Sister W is one of my very favorite people in New Jersey. We’re buddies. She’s 60, less active, and LOVES the gospel. She NEVER used to pray with the missionaries, but when I got here, she started praying at the end of every lesson. She comes to church every other week now, which is a huge miracle. She’s the woman who was praying for help in coming to church (because her work prevented her from coming). Instead of getting a new job, like she’d hoped, she lost her job. But you know why Sister W is so wonderful? She saw it as a blessing. She was so excited that she’d lost her job because it meant that she could come to church every other week! This week, she committed to come to the temple to do baptisms this spring. She can’t wait. Neither can I 🙂
O.H.: Our 88 year old, classy African American lady. She was SO touched when we stopped by with a rose for her. Her house was full of her family and neighbors, and they were all excited to see us. There was just a good feeling in the home. We didn’t even teach her a lesson – we just stopped by for 2 minutes to show her that we loved her.
A:  We haven’t been able to meet with her for the past week. We dropped off a rose with a cute Valentine, so hopefully that will soften her heart.
Sister Hing: Sister Hing is our wonderful member who takes us out every Monday night. She drives us all over the shore and is the perfect team up for our lessons. She also takes care of the missionaries. She gave me a Christmas present, invited us over for New Years, and invited us over for Valentine’s dinner! Ha, it was a single ladies party, with her, her mom, her sister, and the sister missionaries (us). Her invite, “It’s not like you have a hot date or something!”.
Sister S:  We dropped off a rose, so at least she knows we love her, even though we won’t be visiting them for a while.
Sister MG.: She’s the sister who is visiting O.H. with us. She LOVES coming out to teach with us, and (here’s the best part) she’s a good team up too. She doesn’t say crazy things or take over the lesson! She even stays on topic (which is a blessing, because people in Jersey can talk and talk and talk for hours about everything without taking a breath). She’s been fasting and praying for a missionary experience, and she’s been sick. So we surprised her with a rose.
Overall, the roses were amazing. We were able to see TONS of people in a short amount of time, help them feel loved, and it felt good. I love Valentine’s Day. I think it might be my favorite holiday, because it’s a day dedicated to the people you love! You’re allowed to say, “I love you” to ANYONE, and it isn’t weird (unless it’s to strangers, investigators, or burglars)! I LOVE YOU ALL!
After our break-in on Monday, the Spanish sisters moved into our apartment. They did this for a couple of reasons. The first one is because we didn’t feel safe in our apartment by ourselves. The second is because Sister Ivie was SUPER sick and we were taking care of them. The third is because their apartment either has a dead vulture stuck in the walls or mold growing in it, so their apartment isn’t habitable. So our apartment has become a 4-man, and we are safe! Yay!
Family, I love you so much! I miss you tons, but I am so glad I am here.
Sister Cobb

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