If a picture is worth a thousand words…

March 23, 2015

How much is it worth if it also has words?

IMG_0943 IMG_0950

Believe it or not, this was the first day of spring. It snowed a lot that day. And I LOVED IT. I ate so much snow this year.

IMG_0913 IMG_0915

This is a picture with our sister training leaders! Me, Sister Folmer, Sister Quinlan, and Sister Giles. I was in Manchester (further south) with Sister Quinlan. It was amazing. IMG_0886 IMG_0897

These lovely sisters are the spanish sisters. And I love them. Sister Philbrick is on the left, and Sister Ivie is on the right!

This other picture is my companion at the beach. It’s a pretty sweet picture, if I say so myself.
IMG_0862 IMG_0850

We went to Seaside Heights last P-Day! (It’s where they filmed the first Jersey Shore episode?). It’s actually SUPER cute. Let me show you.



Picture One: This picture is included for two reasons:

1. I feel as though it will satisfy mom’s constant desire to be a fly on my wall and know every detail about where I am, what I am wearing, what my apartment looks like, etc. You can see my desk on the left, and a lot of Jersey Strong magnets on our fridge. Also, can you see the magnet with our family’s faces on it? It’s hilarious. IMG_0789
2. Sister Folmer wrapped up like a burrito in her favorite blankey after a long day.
Picture Two: Bradley Beach! Mom, you need to see these sandals. I feel like you would love them. Also, my rain coat is possibly the greatest thing I own. I think I have worn it and my rainboots almost once a week since I’ve been here. Contrary to the commonly accepted stereotype, I believe that it is possible to still be cute and be a sister missionary. Am I always successful? No. However, sometimes, it’s not too bad 🙂 Yes, I am still me, and yes, I still love shopping. I’m trying not to be vain though, I promise.


This is Trudy. We were teaching her in Manchester, and in the middle of our lesson, she busted out in GOSPEL SOUL MUSIC praising the Lord. It was glorious. It was like all of my wildest dreams came true in that one moment.
The other picture is the classic, “Posterity Picture”. It is our family tree. Sister Taylor is MY mother (and she is currently training ANOTHER sister – Sister Bingham is on the right of me), and I am training Sister Folmer (the “granddaughter” kneeling on the floor. If only Sister Williams and Sister Taylor’s trainer had been there. Our family picture would have been enormous! IMG_0898

I can’t help it that I love snow. And that it snowed a lot here.




Shorely, it MUST be spring!

This is Bradley Beach! It was FREEZING. But it is beautiful, and when you only look at the water, it looks like Mexico!IMG_0810IMG_0812



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